Diver Below is dedicated to build on demand sturdy standalone transportable platforms to provide high quality breathing grade gas blends. These Platforms are called AIR PODS and they are self sufficient (they do not depend on any other supplier than Diesel – and even for that they have quite a few days or weeks of autonomy depending on the use).

These units are built-to-order depending on the customer use requirements for Compressed Air, Nitrox, Trimix or any other intended breathable gas mixture either in 200Bar or 300Bar (Air only since due to gas laws mixtures above 200Bar may not be stable in all environments/aplications).

This patented concept is completely versatile and capable for “anytime upgrade” according to customer “change of needs” and it’s individual exterior size (for high volume industrial applications a multi-unit system can be built) can range from 6ft (1,8m) up to 40ft (12m) length.

Actually any size can be considered and built (equipment depending) but in order to ensure the outmost transport flexibility we suggest the worldwide more used sizes. That is why we also recommend the standard width of 8ft (3,43m).

Regarding the height, it is something completely free (although some impact in worldwide transportation costs may arise) but we do not recommend less than 7ft (2,13m) to assure best interior ease of use and heat dissipation.

The customer can specify the platform to one specific vehicle and supply it in advance so we can perform a full systems integration, like the batteries charging (to the truck) via solar unit panels, communications, lighting, etc.

If desired we can also provide a “turn-key” unit with transport vehicle adapted to the specific need, new or used but fully refurbished mission oriented.