The fields of application are huge since pure air is the most important component of your equipment either to guarantee the desired performance or your life!
- Recreational Scuba Diving
- Professional Scuba Diving Companies
- Diving Clubs, Centers and Shops
- Diving Tours
- Scientific Expeditions
- Salvaging Operations
- Works in Hazardous Environments
- Police Search Units
- Homeland Security Operations
- Emergency Response Teams
- Engineering Works
- Fire Fighting (forest fires or closed buildings)
- Shooting Air Sports (Air Guns and Paintball)
- Motor Sports Events (high speed car jacks and pneumatic tools)
All systems that we deliver have the Bauer Pure Air certification according with the DIN EN 12021 Breathing Air Standard, guaranteeing regular monitoring of CO, CO2, O2 and H2O in the compressed breathing air and thus ensuring you can breathe safely.

We can offer a variety of solutions to guarantee that your project, operation or event occasional need of Pure Air is satisfied. We can do only a single event rental and if needed evolve to a pay-per-use possibility and later a medium to long term rental or leasing, with or without operator and or carrying vehicle.

Get your friends together and rent us for a weekend of diving in a secluded location, hire us to assist you in a week of cave diving in the mountains and lakes or ask us to support your business in the busiest month of the season by taking care of all matters concerning filling of diving tanks, for your dive center or for a group of dive centers in the area.
Any idea can be considered!